Sunday, May 28, 2017

City of Nantes

 Cathedral of Nante.
 This was the least opulent of Cathedrals we have seen, it was the most beautiful.
As we entered the organist starting playing, we felt as if it was for us.

 Stained glass windows with a difference.

 Breton Castle.
In the 15th century, Nantes became the capitol of Brittany. Duke Francis II, followed by his daughter Anne, established their court and built a new castle, the building with it's entrance facing the city symbolises the Duke's power.
 Surrounded by 2 imposing  twin towers.
The castle was refurbished in 2006.

 You can walk around the castle at the top of the walls.
The former LU Biscuit factory opened on the river bank opposite the castle and became famous for the "Petit Beurre" biscuits still sold today.
 Anne, Duchesse de Bretagne.
 Not sure what these creatures are, but they were on a lot of the street corners. This one was on the corner of a church.
 Fountain Place de la Royale.
The marble statue representing Nantes, armed with a trident, dominates the bronze representations of the Loire and the four rivers running into it, Erdre, Sevre, Cher and Loiret.
 Passage Pommeraye.
Opened in 2016, the shopping  arcade is beautiful.

 I found a quilt shop.
 The fabrics felt like Liberty.
It was also a haberdashery store. (Didn't make a purchase).
 Hanks of wool along the walls opposite the fabrics.
 The Machines de Lile.
The Grand Elephant.
It is a moving piece of architecture that sets off for a walk.
The passengers on board can see the moving parts and the observers below will be sprayed with water from the trunk. Welcomed in the heat of the day.
Madcap builders have set up their workshop under a warehouse. This was originally a ship building area but now they make monumental mechanical animals.
The rear of the elephant.
Carrousel des Mondes Marins with sea creatures for their rides. 


  1. An amazing cathedral. Did you have an elephant ride or a cooling spray of water from it?

  2. Loving every minute. Just added Nantes to the list of places to visit.

  3. Oh, wow! LOVE the elephant!

    Those modern-looking stained glass windows are quite fascinating, too. Hard to find out anything about them, though. I presume they were done either after the bombing in WW2 or the fire in the 1970s.

  4. Nantes looks like a good place to visit. Love the elephant!

  5. Fantastic Elephant! I guess the creators were channelling Jules Verne who was from Nantes.

  6. How could you resist the yarn? The fabric?