Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Quilter Takes Notice.....

After a visit to the laundromat, worked out how to use the washing machine in French, took a drive east of Toulouse. First stop was Albi. 
 Cathedral Sainte-Cecile.
This Gothic Cathedral, constructed in 1282, is the largest brick building in the world.
With a fortress like exterior, it's walls, vaults and side Chapels are richly  painted.
 Seen from miles away.

 The comment made was, "trust you to notice the quilt block patterns".

 Beautiful hand written calligraphy.

 Our next stop on the route was Gaillac on the Tarn River, the town developed around the Abbey of the Benedictine Monks more than 1,000 years ago.
 Beautiful bridges.
 A Juliet balcony.
 Final stop was the hillside village of Cordes-sur-Ciel.
Sadly, we drove around in circles for 30 minutes trying to get a car park. It is a major tourist attraction. Perhaps another time for a  visit.
We found a dirt lane, pulled over and sat in the sun, ate a salad baguette with a thermos of coffee for lunch. Then headed back to Toulouse.
One thing we have noticed, French drivers do not use indicators and bike riders are worst than in Amsterdam. No helmets are worn. Speed on highways is 130km per hour, The fastest we have got to is 124kmph. 


  1. How could you NOT notice those patterns? Amazing!

  2. I love to see the ABC's. There is so much history and usually wealth in these places. I wonder why this structure was bricks rather than larger blocks. Those speeds on the highways are amazing.

  3. The engineering of the cathedral is truly impressive. And wonderful that the frescos have survived, they are stunning.

  4. This trip gives you so many memories and impressions, even in traffic!

  5. We visited Albi in 2014 and loved the red brick cathedral - apparently took over 400 years to build. Don't remember going inside - certainly don't recall the quilt block patterns.

  6. What an adventure you are having! Lots of quilt inspiration!