Friday, April 14, 2017

From Indigo to Black and White

Enjoyed a lovely time in the city visiting the NGV and Kimono House.
 A sample of Leanne's private collection of Indigo fabrics and clothing.

 Sheets for patterns on the fabric, rice paste is spread over the sheets before dying.
 The NGV's exhibition of chairs. This would delight any young child.
 Orca whale hanging chair.
 Not sure how comfortable this would be to sit on.
 Photographic exhibition by Ross Coulter: Audience.
It documents members of the local art community in more than 90 galleries in and around Melbourne over 2 years. Each photo is a gathering of people standing in the empty white gallery space, they are instructed to imagine viewing a performance art event.
While listening to a narrative, the subjects were asked to direct their gaze to different parts of the gallery space and their photos were taken.
It was interesting to see their facial expressions.


  1. I once went to a dying "factory" and watched the process of using those stencils, the paste, and the dying. That shop had closed in the succeeding years but I will never forget that day.

  2. How frustrating to see all those chairs but not able to test the sitability.

  3. I too have seen the stencils being used. Just making the stencils is so time consuming!