Saturday, April 22, 2017

Australasian Quilt Convention

I spent the afternoon at the AQC. It was extremely crowded when I arrived but cleared out by 2pm, which gave way to seeing the quilts etc without a crowd.
The majority of my time was spent chatting and catching up with others, a pleasant afternoon out of the rain. The first year I forgot to take photos of our beautiful Old Exhibition Building.
Good excuse to pay the Carlton Gardens a visit later on.

 My one and only purchase, $5 for hexagons cut from old blankets. To be cut and used for my Paper Felting class at Winter School. I loved the old swap card, can remember swapping with friends at school during recess and lunchtimes.
 Saw this quilt "TRUE BLISS" by Sonya Prchal and thought of Tanya in Japan, who loves cats.

 "ROSE SEIDLER HOUSE" by Gloria Loughman.
Designed by the Architect Harry Seidler for his parents and built in 1949.
The house was very futuristic and modern for Australia at that time.

 Stunning quilt. "BLING" made by Katherine Jones, Tasmania.
Inspiration from a princess cut diamond.

 "LINCOLN" made by Kim Soper, Huntington, New York, USA

 "Quilts from Mexico", 2 that I loved.
A quilt exchange with the Quilters of Mexico.

Quilts from Korea

 My friend Jeanette supplies me with Gingko leaves from her tree.
I asked for some to dry for my paper felting class and yesterday she kindly gave me a surprise bag of others.
 Please remind me of the name of these Jeanette?
Mulberry leaves.
 In Seoul, South Korea we ate our BBQ meats wrapped in the green leaves. I did not know until our visit that they can be eaten by humans, thought they were solely for silk worms.

Easter Lunch

 Emma cooked us a Moroccan lunch for Easter. She did a cooking class while there. 
 Bowls, miniature tarngine and lantern bought over there, not many eggs left.
She said at every meal, oranges were served, so juicy that they left a stream of juice running down your hands and clothes. 
Glasses of Gunpowder tea bought in Marrakesh, with mint. Beautiful flavour.
Emma served us a Chicken dish, couscous with currants and cashews, eggplant salad and roasted capsicum salad.  A beautiful meal eaten as a family.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Colours of Trentham

This afternoon's drive took us an hour up the highway for a walk and latte.

 We walked around the small lake.
 The magnificent colours of Autumn.

 The odd one out!!
 Up the road from our suburb are these 2 trees, I have always loved their silhouette against the bare paddocks. At night time, especially with a full moon, they are beautiful against the clear night sky.

From Indigo to Black and White

Enjoyed a lovely time in the city visiting the NGV and Kimono House.
 A sample of Leanne's private collection of Indigo fabrics and clothing.

 Sheets for patterns on the fabric, rice paste is spread over the sheets before dying.
 The NGV's exhibition of chairs. This would delight any young child.
 Orca whale hanging chair.
 Not sure how comfortable this would be to sit on.
 Photographic exhibition by Ross Coulter: Audience.
It documents members of the local art community in more than 90 galleries in and around Melbourne over 2 years. Each photo is a gathering of people standing in the empty white gallery space, they are instructed to imagine viewing a performance art event.
While listening to a narrative, the subjects were asked to direct their gaze to different parts of the gallery space and their photos were taken.
It was interesting to see their facial expressions.