Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mystery Quilt Block Layout

I have found a very quick way to lay out my blocks before and after I trim.
 No 1
 No 2
 No 3
No 4
I sew each as a row and then sew the 5 rows together to form the block.
Have checked the finished ones and so far all are correct, hope it stays like that.


  1. When I stitch pieces in a complex block like this together I always lay the pieces out and take a picture. Then I can easily double check that I stitch the right pieces together.
    This is going to be a nice design!

  2. Pretty much how I do it. I have already sorted each of the major components into sets of four with different fabrics. I pull out one set of each, then lay them out like this. Then fill in the purple 4-patches, and choose pre-sewn sashing pieces that don't have the same fabrics touching.

  3. Yes this is the way to go. When I get to the last three blocks I lay out all of them as there is a chance I will need to swap some of the final units around to maintain variety. I really like the brightness of your lavenders or light purples.

  4. I think they need to be laid out as well. I'm hoping I can spread the fabrics around. Looking forward to getting mine to this stage. Well done.

  5. It's looking great. Haven't started mine yet. Busy with grandies on holidays.

  6. I have saved smaller blocks of batting that have a tacky texture and arrange complicated blocks on those. It sure helps to keep them from migrating to some other spot before they get sewed.

  7. It's looking lovely Jenni. I'm in the process of assembling the blocks but I'm not too sure at this stage that my magenta has enough zing. I'll keep going but might end up remaking the magenta tri-recs.