Sunday, December 10, 2017

In a Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Our afternoon, spent at the St Kilda Palais Theatre.
Star Wars, The Force Awakens in Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO).
The movie was shown and the orchestra played the soundtrack music written by John Williams.
Words can't explain the goosebumps felt when the opening score of that well known music was played.
Conductor Nicholas Bluc.

As the credits came up the orchestra played the final of the soundtrack to a standing ovation.
A magically wonderful afternoon for someone who isn't a Star Wars fan.
The MSO's next concert is in February 2018, Star Wars "A New Hope" in Concert, the first of the Star Wars movies playing at the Hamer Hall.
November 2018 is Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azakaban in Concert with the MSO at Plenary, MCEC.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Travel Journal - 6

We visited Leonardo Da Vinci's home, Chateau du Clos, in the village of Amboise
 His well known piece The Mechanics of Life.
Reversed machine sewn over tea bag papers.
Apart from painting, Leonardo was a Scientist and a Naturalist, delving into shells and fossils.
The white paper at the bottom of the page was a piece given to me by my friend Mardi done on deli paper. It reminded me of his fossils in the cabinet of the workshop studio.
A fascinating and beautiful residence in the Loire region of France.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Patchwork to Pickles Sunday Drive

Our Sunday drive took us back to Castlemaine for the Craft Day and Open House of Buda
The home is now a community run establishment connected to the Castlemaine Art Gallery.

There were several stalls, Plants, Quilting Guilds, Weaving, Art, Printing, Food and Embroidery groups selling their wares.
The Avery with lovely yellow finches.  
Sadly the gardens were left in a run down state, now a new gardener is bringing it back to it's original glory. It would be lovely to see in Spring when the flowers are out.

Of course John gravitated to the vegetable garden.
Bought a jar of old fashioned Lemon Butter. 

 Demonstrations of basket weaving and cooking were throughout the garden, this was rug hooking.
 After our wander we drove to The Mill just down the road from Buda.
This is an old warehouse site that has many art textile studios. 
Chatted with one of the artists in residence who used to lecture at Box Hill Tafe for the Diploma of Textiles, she knew 2 ladies who were on the Scquilters Bendigo Retreat Committee I was was on.

 Old wares.

 Loved this wooden wall.
After a walk through the area we stopped for lunch at the cafe before driving to Daylesford to visit another The Mill. I have now been to 4 of these establishments and enjoy browsing through old antiques, junk and bits and pieces. 
 At the Daylesford Mill, I found what I have been looking for to use in my paper work and journals.
A Commonwealth Bank Ledger from 1922, written in old script with a fountain pen.
A school book in French. The book is about French Authors.
As I paid for my goods, the lady started speaking to me in French. (She was French)
I mentioned that I don't speak the language and she asked me what I was buying the book for. I didn't dare say that I wanted to use it for my paper work and journaling, said "I collect language books". She was lovely and asked me to stop by and say hello next time I visited.
 After a detour on the way home to pick up something from friends, we stopped off and bought some climbing bean seedlings, a tomato and yellow capsicums.
 We have had to net the beds due to hungry birds.

The torrential rain over this weekend has given the garden a boost.
Amazing how seedlings have grown and shot up overnight.
Emma bought her father for Christmas, a box of worms for his worm farm, (that was what he asked for!!!), afraid the heat may have perished them, she bought them down yesterday to give to him.
Jokingly he said, there were supposed to be 1000, but there were only 995, she didn't take to his joke very well. While she was here we gave Harvey a bath as he has been bitten by mozzies and had to use antiseptic shampoo. Too hard to do on your own when it has to stay on him for 10 minutes. 
 For a dog who hates anything to do with water, he did ok. Sat him in John's scuba dive tub.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Travel Journal - 5

Received the first of my 2 photo books the other day.
Currently compiling the 2nd one of the 2 week drive back to Paris airport to catch our flight home.

 I have been extremely fortunate and lucky to experience Monet Garden in Giverny, during the Autumn season and now the Spring. The colours of the tulips were unforgettable.
Yet the autumn tones of the trees and their leaves in the month of November 2015, were spectacular.
I wonder what the garden would look like covered in snow in Wintertime.

 At the entrance to the garden, I was greeted with beds of Iris.
We were lucky to be be given 2 different admittance tickets.
I took this photo of Claude, a very large print, which is hanging at the entrance to the ladies toilet.
Without the crowds of tourists, it would be very peaceful and relaxing sitting in the garden listening to the birds.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Travel Journal - 4

My memory after visiting Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, was stopping on the side of the road to buy a bunch of Lily of the Valley. 1st of May is the day to remember when Knight Louis Girard presented a bunch to King Charles IX as a token of luck and prosperity.
It is considered good luck if you are given a stalk that has 13 flowers on it.
 The bunches were wrapped in the Lily of the Valley cellophane, which I kept.
For the next few days, the smell of the flowers wafted through the ship as many bunches were bought by passengers.
When I arrived home, my friend Jenni O. gave me a magazine with an article of the Chateau.
She received the magazine in the mail on the day I visited the Chateau, a lovely coincidence!! 
Thank you Jenni.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Nursery Visit

Our Sunday afternoon drive took us to a nursery in Warrandyte called Warran Glen.
A test run to see where it was located, realised after arriving, that we had driven past it on other Sunday drives. Took quite a wait to get a car park, a very popular place.
A lovely coffee and citrus tart in the cafe among the hoards of visitors.
Booking a table is advisable, stood in line a while. Well worth the wait.

 Looking down from the Cafe to the Nursery.
 Lush foliage in the grounds surrounding the lakes.
 The Cafe.
 Avenue of Japanese Maples.

 Interesting wall art.

 Wall planter boxes made of car number plates.
There is a quilt shop at the nursery, hosting a Christmas break up in a couple of weeks.