Saturday, December 3, 2016

Santa's Elves Need a Lesson........... wrapping gifts.
 Parcel picked up at post office, had a giggle.....
 ......ordered a new rubber cover for my Fitbit.
LOL, could have come in an envelope.
Woke this morning to the chatter of Parakeets in the tree.
Rarely see them in our garden.


  1. You see, Santa doesn't pack anything in ENVELOPES; he has to use a box however small the 'present' is!

  2. The caution label is a ridiculous as the box.

  3. Rainbow Lorikeets are gorgeous colours aren't they? And noisy! We get them here specially when the eucalypts are in blossom.

  4. Someone just gave me a Fitbit zip like yours... I have' had a chance to use it much since I bummed up my knees but it looks like there are inspiring visual walks on the iPhone app.