Monday, December 12, 2016

Mystery Quilt - Part 3

 Up early this morning to start piecing the next step of the Mystery Quilt - En Provence.
 After reading the blogs I follow, my blogging friends in Japan posted photos of it snowing.
6.15am, the sunrise of an expected 32 degrees coming through the closed drapes.
 Step 3 - the last of the chain piecing.
Oopps.... this one slipped through the pile of 84 blocks.
Purple, to represent lavender. 
I am not fond of purple/mauve, makes me look unwell, autumn tones are my thing. Found this step a challenge due to the colour.
My friend wore purple on Saturday, and she looked lovely in her top. 
I don't have many fabrics of purple, found 2 at Spotlight and 3 at another quilt shop.


  1. Love your fabric choices, lots of interesting prints in a colour that does not please you.

  2. I feel there are colours you want to dress in and colours you want to have in your home and colours you want to see on other people and in their homes.
    Purple is a difficult, although beautiful, colour.

  3. Well thank you ! (I'm assuming I was the one in the purple top? I don't think anyone else there was wearing purple?)

    I love your purple selections. It was a good day to stay home and sew today - but I actually drove to Melbourne and back and did no sewing at all.