Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Noryangiin Fish Market and Beyond

Visited the old fish market, it was very quiet, perhaps all the customers had been and gone, the auctions are at 4am each morning.

All the ladies are "pretty in pink" with their aprons.
Caught the train to the next intended visit, The Korean Paper Art Museum.
(unfortunately no photos allowed)
The exhibitions were interesting, enjoyed the bowls and crockery made of paper and lacquered so that they can be used. The children have a paper art course they can do, and some of their work were on the walls of the stair well.

Mosaics decorate the walls of the subway, the train system is so easy to use.
Next was the Korean Embroidery Museum, again no photos allowed.
At the entrance they were exhibiting posters of the work shown in the museum, took photos of them instead. Interesting pieces of work, majority of the pieces were of very fine see through fabric, stitched together with incredible fine stitches using red thread..

Another interesting point was that you could see the seam allowance and apparently this is done on purpose.


  1. The embroidery and pojagi museum must have been interesting. Yes, the seam allowance is visible and when the pojagi is held up against the light it is like stained glass windows.

  2. Love that tile mosaic! I went to an exhibition of the pojagi wrapping cloths in Melbourne (at the immigrations museum) years ago. They were wonderful.

  3. Fascinating. looks like the weather has been kind to you.