Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Namdaemun Market

This is the oldest market in Seoul, fascinating.
 All and everything, food, stationary, bric n brac etc.
 Corridors of paper bolts.

 Is this a camera with a lens or visa versa??

 These paper bags are used for children's party sweets.
Emma and John's favourite at the market, dumplings, hot and steamy, majority of it was left on the pavement.  Rather cold at night, warmed me up.
 Korean BBQ for dinner.
 Sojo is rice wine.
Pork and beef with a patty pan of garlic.


  1. The market looks very interesting.

  2. The bags with the tie-up ears are just too cute!

  3. It looks a bit chilly but at least it's not raining. Sooo many baskets. Have you bought any material yet? Keep having a good time😊

  4. A great variety of baskets available there.