Friday, November 4, 2016

Kimchi Class

Kimchi, is Korea's favourite side dish along with pickled radish.
It is made up of white cabbage, white radish, spring onion, herbs, added with garlic, green ginger, shrimp powder, fermented shrimp, chilli and fish sauce etc. Kimchi is noted for aiding your digestion and is calorie free.
For John this is trip No 5 to South Korea and he loves kimchi, so much so, that I enrolled him into a class of making it.
 Kimchi pots at the Museum.

 The final product needs to be refrigerated for 4 days to ferment. No kimchi is coming home with us,, the lady who does our room is going to have a lovely surprise when she opens our fridge.
Vacuum packed means "a snap lock" bag, can you imagine what Customs would say when they open his bag!!! I suppose it is one way to get yourself filmed for the show Border Security.


  1. I expect to hear that John has made kimchi when you both come home!

  2. I hope that John makes kimchi a lot when you get home.