Friday, November 25, 2016

Christmas Has Come to Melbourne

In the city yesterday I stopped by the Myer Christmas Window display.
The story portrayed this year is based on the new children's book "One Christmas Eve" by author Corinne Fenton and illustrator Marjorie Crosby-Fairall.
 The book tells the story of Bella on Christmas Eve in 1968 when she visits her Grandparents in St Kilda for a typical Australian BBQ.

 Bella and her grandfather head to Luna Park and she is given the choice of one ride so she chooses the magical carousel. 

 She jumps on the horse and lets her imagination take hold as she daydreams about the ‘Majestic Horse’ taking her high above the clouds over Melbourne and being greeted by Santa’s sleigh and his reindeers.
 Once the ride ends, Bella’s dream fades back to reality and she heads home with her grandfather. When Bella wakes on Christmas Day, she is delighted to unwrap a rocking horse that her Grandfather hand-carved for her to resemble the ‘Majestic Horse’ she rode on the carousel.

 After visiting the windows I sat in 333 Collins Street to listen to the "Hallelujah Chorus", this stunning building is one I visit regularly to look up at the ceiling dome.


  1. The Myer windows were wonderful. I wasn't familiar with the story, but it was very sweet. I loved the little touches like the tyre swan.

  2. Forgot to mention, I specially loved seeing it with my son! When he was little and we lived in Carlton we would walk into the city to see the windows every year.

  3. I have the tyre swan my grandfather made and had hanging in his fernery outside the laundry. It was the one thing my daughter wanted from their garden when the house was about to be sold.

  4. What a wonderful story.
    Window dressing is a nice stage for our imagination.

  5. I wasn't impressed by the Myer windows. I want something Christmassy!