Monday, October 10, 2016

Windy Weather

 Lunch with friends overlooking Williamstown Beach. The water of the bay was incredibly choppy, surprised to see some people were in the water swimming. As we walked in for lunch a gentleman on his push bike was thrown sideways by the wind. We helped him and fortunately more embarrassed than sore. As our friends parked their car and enormous branch toppled, missing them, they found another car park. 

 Came home to my sweet peas bent over..... geraniums broken
...managed to save a few sweet pea stems.


  1. Poor sweet peas! I don't have any flowers on mine just yet, because I planted them late. But they survived the wind, fortunately.

  2. The weather is extreem in many parts of the world. So many flights have been cancelled this year because of typhoons here in Japan.
    Maybe your sweet peas wanted to come in to join the beautiful Japanese washi and Hakone Yosegi Zaiku wooden boxes!

  3. Shame about the sweet peas. I know geraniums will recover, but will the peas get up again?

  4. The sunflowers at the kindergarten got some wind blasts too and they would look less lovely in a vase. Our weather has not been all that pretty either.