Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Lighthouse

A drive took us to our favourite area of the bay.
 Point Lonsdale Pier, an emotional visit as I don't know if my brother's wishes have been fulfilled, the scattering of his ashes off the pier. Peter spent many happy hours fishing off the end.

 Sadly the rocks are no longer safe to climb.
 I spent many a Sunday, standing on the edge of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse watching the dive boat pass through the heads of Port Phillip Bay and turn right.
 John would stand at the back of the club boat and wave to Emma and I as they headed out to scuba dive on the J Class Submarines.
The club has now folded, so many happy memories.

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  1. Beautiful photos Jenni. Some years ago I stood there with a bunch of quilters on retreat watching the New Endeavour go through the heads, a real bonus. The foghorn sounding all night was not!