Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tokyo Quilt Festival - Part 1

This morning made my way to the Tokyo Dome for the festival.
Caught the train from Hamamatsucho, with one change and then a stop of 3 stations. Easy after I did the trial run on Monday. If you weren't sure where to go once you reach Suidobashi Station, just follow the quilted handmade bags held by the ladies.
I was thrilled to bump into Michele Hill from Adelaide (William Morris fame) and have a chat.
 I arrived at 9am for a 9.30am opening and within minutes of snapping this photo, the line of ladies and some men, tripled in size in the foreground.
 Looking from above the stadium down to the floor of quilts and stalls.
 Lockers were available, if you couldn't remember which one you used, I would have remembered a head, arm etc as to which would have been mine.
 I was so thrilled to meet these lovely ladies.
I walked around a corner and there the 3 of them were.
I read their blogs every day, when they post.
Taniwa's blog
My Quilt Diary blog
Queenies Patch blog
They are close friends and were catching up.
Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome at the festival.
It was a great highlight to meet you.
The theme for this year was Beatrix Potter's stories, quilted by Yoko Saito.
I can't justify the workmanship in these photos.
You had to see them to see what exquisite work has been done.
This is a small selection of what I could photograph as the crowds around them were 5 deep.
 The feature was a model of a tree and every bit was made by hand in fabric.
 Fabric bluebells and lavender of French knots.
 Even the biscuits were made of fabric.
 The quilts were stunning and I don' think I will ever get over the stitching and applique that I was lucky to see.

 A selection of small quilts that were framed.
The colour of the frames blended with the quilts.

WOW!!! I am in awe of Yoko Saito and her work.
 The crowds as I was leaving, the stadium seats were a welcome bonus.
My ticket and the record of quilts on display.
Part 2 tonight.


  1. Wow! How fantastic to have the opportunity to see that beautiful work in real life. The photos are amazing enough, but I'm sure the real thing would be breath-taking.

  2. Thanks for sharing. What fabulous handwork.

  3. Simply marvellous. Yoko Saito's work is amazing, thank you for all the photos despite the crowd.

  4. Hello, thank you very much for all your posts on the Festival. I also enjoyed your other posts on Japan. I wish I'd been there too! I took the liberty of sharing a link to your posts on a French quilters forum. I hope you don't mind.

  5. It was a delight to meet you, Jenni! Thank you for stopping by. Your camera batteries must have run out with all the pictures you took. Yes, aren't the Beatrix Potter quilts fantastic. Yoko Saito is a great teacher and leader because her students' work is very close to hers, and of an amazingly high standard.

  6. I second Queenie's comment. Thank you so much for greeting us so warmly. Years ago when my son changed my paper diary into a blog, I had no idea of the friendships awaiting in the wings. Every blogger I have met in person has been just as wonderful as imagined. I have yet to post my pictures and perhaps everything will get covered without my input. Thanks for your great pictures.