Sunday, January 10, 2016

Summer Sails

38 degrees is predicted for Wednesday in Melbourne, we are 34km west and we get a few degrees hotter than the CBD. Decided this morning to put up the summer sails over the vegetable garden.
Being a quilter helps with the placement of the triangles. Heated discussions as to how they are placed for maximum coverage is always on the cards.

 Late noon to 3pm sun is usually over the top of the garden beds, will see today how the shading works. Each year we always forget how they were placed the previous summer.

I had a hanging basket of maiden hair fern, split it and replanted them in the under shade garden.
I was told by a volunteer at Rose Garden that maiden hairs have to be watered daily. 
Noticed this morning that this piece that was leafless, has lots of new growth, sitting happily under the birds nest fern.


  1. I think the garden will thank you for the shade this week!

  2. How did it go Jenni? Were the vegetables covered?