Thursday, December 3, 2015

William Morris Find

It's strange how things just happen.
Number 1 - I was thinking of my good friend Jenni O this morning, went down to the computer to email a "hi" to her, and there was one from her to me to say "hi".
She mentioned recently that the Tokyo Quilt Show in January was exhibiting William Morris.
Googled it again this morning for another read.
Number 2 - Made myself a coffee and starting piecing more scrappy flying geese blocks. Dropped a tin of pins into the storage box underneath my sewing table.
Took everything out hunting for the pins and came across my "Coffee with William Morris" that I started several years ago. I knew I had put it somewhere, you know that "safe" place, 
but couldn't remember where. I was going through a blue and brown phase and was going to call it 
"Iced Coffee with William Morris".
Number 3 - I had started to do machine buttonhole stitch around the pieces. Wasn't very confident, thought I needed a lot more practice.
Saturday at our Geelong Guild Exhibition, I was rostered to do a couple of hours on the "Snuggle Quilts for Charity". I took over doing the machine button hole blocks. Pleased with the way they turned out. I can now put it down to my bit of practice.
Number 4 - This morning I printed off the $40 voucher for Spotlight, need some new cotton bed sheets and some visofix for a 10" piece I have to re-do.
Sitting next to my quilt top find was a roll of it. The sheets can wait until the Boxing Day sales!!!
Yesterday afternoon took a look in these drawers, hadn't opened them for about 12 months.
Found several meters of blue, couldn't remember what I had bought them for. Now have the fabric for the borders of the iced coffee quilt, will make that my machine project for 2016.


  1. It must have been like Christmas finding all these surprises! I am looking forward to seeing your Iced Coffee with William Morris.

  2. Wonderful tales of serendipity!

  3. Lovely to have an everything goes right day.

  4. Every cloud has a silver lining. I love blue and brown so look forward to progress on your William Morris

  5. Don't you love it when everything just clicks and goes together.