Sunday, November 1, 2015


 Arrived this morning via a lock to Veere, the western tip of The Netherlands.
 Loved the texture of this water pole.
 A beautiful day for sailing.
 Grote Kerk (The Great Church)
In the 15th century, served as stables and barracks for Napoleon's troops before falling in to disrepair.
It wasn't used as a church as it was too expensive to heat, instead became a hospital for many years.
I don't think these bikes have been used in a while.

 "When in Holland"....find a windmill.
 City Hall displaying the colours of Veere.

Schotse Huizen (Scottish Houses) built in 1561 by Scottish wool traders.
Walcheren canal
 First sighting of the windmill. Still used in villages for the grinding of corn and pumping water.
Our evening finished with a seafood dinner over looking the North Sea at sunset.


  1. Our City Hall (Melton) certainly doesn't look like that!

  2. Interesting the wool trade between Scotland and the Netherlands

  3. I'd love to have a painting of a sail boat like the one in your picture. It's so peaceful.
    The sunset would make a fabulous wall hanging.