Friday, November 6, 2015

Tulip Museum and more Wandering

 Our canal wanderings brought us to the Tulip Museum.
The tulip is not native to Holland but originated in the mountains of central Asia.
From the regions of the Himalayas, tulips made their way west on the trade routes towards central Europe and then on to Holland.
 The first tulip fanatics were the sultans of the Ottoman Empire.
Floral patterns were favoured for decoration of interiors in Ottoman architecture and wares.

 Bulb grading - Once peeled, bulbs are graded by size using the above bollenmaat.
The larger bulbs are sold and the smaller re planted.
 For those who grow tulips for their bulbs only, they allow the flowers to flower for one week only before de-heading them so the goodness goes into the bulb.
The flowers are collected and given to farmers to feed their cows.

After the tulip museum we passed the Museum of Photography.
Our 72 hour "I Amsterdam" card allows us into the museums for free, have taken advantage of it.
 From the window of the museum overlooking the canal.
One of the exhibitions were photos of doors, the frames made up of old planks of wood which showed the photos to their advantage.
 The alleyways are very interesting.
 Passed the Amsterdam Duck store.
Have never seen a pole dancing cow before.
 Great cheeses, pity we can't bring any home.
 Not sure what this advertising was, but loved the colours.
 View of our hotel this morning when we left, quiet, not many around Damm Square....
 ...until we came back this afternoon. The riot police were out in full force, illegal fireworks going off
and hundreds of fans chanting.
Turkey is playing Amsterdam in the soccer tonight!!!
We retreated to our room. Hopefully they will be gone tomorrow.
In the Central Railway Station, this free piano invites the public to play.
We have stopped several times to stand and listen, there are some brilliant players and performers.
It rained this afternoon, so we grabbed a tram, went to the end of the line and back to view the surrounding suburbs of Amsterdam.


  1. Love the set of 4 tiles making a new design in the centre. A fascinating hobby for design ideas. who won the soccer?

  2. Smart move to take the tram, using public transport to see the real city. You are certainly making the most of your stay.

  3. You certainly have an eye for some beautiful photos. Love all the shop window displays.

  4. You always notice interesting or quirky things and experiences. Loved that seat, the ducks, the cows and that cylindrical 'thing'. Keep away from the soccer fans!!