Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Singapore Orchid Garden

Have you seen the movie "Cool Runnings?"
Well, that was me this morning when we landed at 5.30am into Singapore.
I walked out the door and immediately retreated back in to stand under the air con!!
Coming from 5 degrees in Europe to 33 wet degrees, I didn't really cope.
After checking in, we headed for the MTR to the Botanical Gardens to see the Orchid Garden.
Air conditioned train...even the locals were feeling the heat.

 Stunning array of orchids.




  1. It looks beautiful. Fortunately we can look at the pictures and not have to feel the humidity!

  2. Beautiful place to visit by the looks. Will put it on the list for our stopover in Singapore next year.

  3. Wow! The gardens are gorgeous. Weather here continues to be hot and cold.

  4. I love the orchids in all the different glorious colours.