Saturday, November 7, 2015

Marken and Volendam

The Christmas lights are starting to go up in the city.
Turkey beat Holland last night 3-0, very quiet this morning when we left the hotel.
Crooked homes in Amsterdam, wouldn't want to drop a jar and have to chase it rolling across the floor. Thought I had seen it all, but today saw a pushbike rider, texting on her phone, drinking a coffee while riding.

 This morning took the local bus to the seaside town of Marken, 30 mins out of central Amsterdam.
The tides and frequent flooding forced the inhabitants to build their houses in clusters on man made  mounds above the water level. They were also built on poles which were later filled in to form a basement.
A pretty seaside town.
 The harbour was constructed in the 19th century for the fleets of fishing boats.
The town could only be reached by sea but now is connected by a dyke to the mainland. 
 Jeann, a Collingwood House.
 The houses have had to be built close together due to the mounds that they are built on.
 We then caught the ferry over to Volendam.
The locals say "you are not a tourist, you are our guest".
Beautiful woven fender guard rope on the bow of one of the boats.
 Standing by the heads as you enter the harbour is the white statue of Mary, to protect the harbour and fishermen.
Coming in to Volendam.
Bronze statues of the local fishermen and lady.


  1. On Teli the other night there was a demo of macrame as it is coming back into fashion. The rope reminds me of that. It's beautiful.

  2. I love the Collingwood House. Don't think Bill would let me do that to ours!!