Friday, November 13, 2015

Gardens by the Bay

The final stop for the Day was at The Gardens by the Bay.
We opted to stay for the evening laser light show and spend time visiting the Gardens.
 There are 2 very large domes.
Dome 1 was the "Cloud Forest"
A massive high rain forest up in the clouds, spectacular.
 These fly traps were made of lego.
 You go to the top and work your way down the ramps past all the wall gardens and waterfalls.

 At times you walk inside amongst the ferns and orchids.
I can't describe it, but it was truly amazing.

 There were incredible sculptures made from driftwood.
 The 2nd Dome was "The Flower Dome"
 We caught the last day of the chrysanthemum display.
 More driftwood sculptures.

 The flower dome displayed gardens from Australia, South America, California, South Africa
and the Mediterranean and Arid Gardens.
 The Supertree Grove.
At dusk, the lights come on.
7.45pm the Laser Show begins with a selection of Disney themes, ET and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. It ended with "Circle of Life"



  1. Quite a surreal garden experience. Do you plan to replicate some elements at home? Thanks for the tour.

  2. Now I want to go to Singapore!

  3. What a magnificent place to visit,