Thursday, November 5, 2015

An Afternoon Wandering and Canal Cruising

 Did a dinner canal cruise last night and a day one this afternoon.
The difference between night and day cruising is worth seeing.

 A couple of Dutch East India warehouses.
They are recognised because they have shutters.
 The Amsterdam Government are not giving out any more leases for house boats.
The leases are for a life time and because of this, the majority of them can sell up to 1 million euro plus. They are worth more than property and houses on land.

 A modern houseboat.

 Walked through the nursery and flower market.
 Wish I could bring some home.
 Self explanatory.
 Pink Daffodils for Vireya.
I haven't seem them before.
 Gingko leaves for Kate.
 Excellent price.
 Carpet in the Amsterdam Museum, made up of squares from around the world, Australia was not represented.
Noticed this old section of paving dating from 1800's.


  1. Thanks for the ginkgo leaves! It is nice to just spend time exploring a city instead of rushing through - keep enjoying!

  2. Love the pink daffodils! Wouldn't it be great to be able to bring back bags full of those bulbs.

  3. The older house boats look more charming but it would be interesting to compare the interiors. I have never heard of pink daffodils. They were gorgeous.

  4. The Dutch East India buildings look petite compared to the size of some today. They look to be wonderfully preserved.

  5. We hope to get to Amsterdam on our travels next year. Your photos make it even more appealing.