Thursday, October 22, 2015

Village Window Boxes and Wine Tasting

 Morning excursion to the historical French village of D'Obernai.
 Beautiful buildings, all displaying their window boxes of flowers.

After we went for a wine tasting as we were in the Alsace region.
Klipfel Winery barrels, holding 20,000L.

Vineyards grown on the sides of the hills overlooking to
the village.
Loved this light hanging on a front porch.
 French version of the Lollipop people at the local school crossing.


  1. Aren't those window boxes wonderful!

    As usual, I am enjoying your travel photos. Thanks for posting despite wi-fi issues!

  2. Loved the school crossing figures...shades of the Geelong bollards? The window boxes really add to the attraction of the buildings.