Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Some of the Things You See on Holidays!!

 Door knob of the boot maker.
 This shell necklace would be so heavy to wear.
 A local tailor.
 Luxembourg Modern Art Gallery, made of coke cans....
 ...and Heineken Beer cans
 A series of tall lamp poles, the eyes follow you as you walk by, creepy.
 The front door of the Doctor and Dental clinic.
 I don't think I would like this burglar hanging outside my window.
 Width of one person alley way.
 Getting ready for Halloween.
 The top of this home's letterbox.
 Bear fountain.
"There once was an ugly duckling..."
There are several very old classic movies on our TV.
Went to bed last night watching "The Bridge over the River Kwai"
I love Danny Kaye in  Hans Christian Anderson.
A wall of ceramic hexagons


  1. What fabulous door knobs. The scenery is so beautiful.

  2. Those door handles are amazing.

  3. The sculptures are fabulous. Bit worried about the tooth doorknob....might put me off going to that dentist!

  4. Those doorknobs - wow. Got me to thinking - what would I put as my door knob???