Sunday, October 18, 2015

Singapore in Transit

The things you see in transit at airports.
Their big versions of....satay and chilli crab....

 ...........serenaded by a group of frogs.
Added a bit of humour after the 8 hour flight
 Next leg was a 12 hour flight to Zurich.
Awoke from a nap to flying over the Swiss Alps.
We were lucky to be given seats upstairs on the A380, a 2 seater to ourselves.
Booked in to a hotel at the airport, 5 min drive away, next to a train station and our room was ready at 9am so didn't have to wait till 2pm.
Off to Zurich city now for the day, 11 mins by train, 5 degrees and misty rain, but it doesn't feel cold.


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  2. I'm so envious! I would live a ride in an A380.

  3. That should have said "love" of course. Should put my glasses on before posting!

  4. Have another great trip with lots of fun experiences.

  5. A perfect start to another adventure, have a wonderful time.