Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scenic Jade

 Our welcome on the TV screen, which can also be used as a laptop with a separate keyboard.
Each afternoon, an itinerary for the next day is placed on the bed. The itinerary etc can also be screened on the TV.
We have "virginal white" name tags but some of the other 169 passengers have gold for up to 5 cruises they have done.
The wifi is not good, there is none on the river as we are sailing. Great when we dock for some time.
In the sitting area there is a map of the river, showing red (no wifi), yellow (pot luck) and green (wifi good).
 Each lady was presented with a rose to put in the vase.
We have a Balcony room, sufficient for us, has all the mod cons.
Double wardrobe, desk etc. We also have a book travel guide of our cruise that can be taken home.
 The shower has a disco function, coloured lights can be played while showering. Haven't tried it yet, it has taken me the time just to work out how to turn the water on.
L'Occtane toiletries, bathrobes and only slippers which can be taken at the end.
 Looking from the front of the ship from the upstairs Sun Deck.
 Everything is free, the mini bar is re stocked every day.
There is one Australian plug socket in the room, so don't need the adapter.
We have a butler named Daniel, haven't used him.
 With the balcony window down, you can touch the walls of the locks as we go up/down.
Should have bought some white fabric and shiva stixs to do some rubbing of it for textile fabric.
 There is a Bowcam at the front of the ship, screened on the TV and can watch where we are going on the Rhine. This was in a lock waiting for the door to open, like watching grass grow.
Coming out of the lock.


  1. The ship looks good. I have always said one needs a balcony even though some people say you only sleep in your cabin. But you can get really close up views of things from your balcony. Bernice and I sometimes had our breakfast there instead of getting dressed and going to the dining room.

  2. It all sounds delightful. Make sure you give the mini bar a good go.