Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Nijmegen, claims to be the oldest city in the Netherlands.The city was bombed by the Allies on February 22, 1944.
 Woke to a beautiful sunrise even though it was very misty.

 The Blue Hand Pub.
The fabric dyers next door would finish for the day and come next door for a drink.
The glasses would be covered in blue hand prints, the glasses became permanently blue, so they called it the Blue Hand.
 The Grote Markt square.
The building on the right is the Scales Building.
Beautiful architecture.
Red and Black is used for the doors and window shutters as these 2 colours are the colours of Nijmegen
 When the city was bombed, it fell on a Nunnery & Kindergarten.
The simple memorial is of a "swing that will never move again" to remember the children
Saint Nicholas Chapel
 Inside the chapel.
 I couldn't find a manhole but this is in the ground in the middle of the main street.
It is of a Roman grave, several were found.
 Wouldn't need a big parking space.
 Food vendor, selling hot sausages.
Intriguing Antique shop
Noticed a little elephant sitting on the corner of a building.
Beautiful iron work on doors.


  1. You notice so many interesting things. I am enjoying this trip!

  2. What a touching memorial.

    Love the story of the blue hands!

  3. The mist over the water looks magical.