Friday, October 23, 2015


I decided to visit Heidelberg instead of Hockenheim.
Our first stop was the ruins of the Palace.
The building of it was begun in 1400.

The colours of Autumn is upon us, with crisp cold air and the scrunching of leaves underfoot.
Looking down from the Palace over the town.
 The Neckar River, with the Old Bridge, which is the 8th to be replaced over the years.
Overlooking the Rhine Plains.
Entrance way to the Palace.

Renaissance and Baroque facades of the Palace. 

The Palace stands on the "King's Throne" hill.
Kornmarket, Karlsplatz with the statue of the Baroque  Kornmarket Madonna.
The music "The Student Prince" was penned in this platz by Sigmund Romberg.
 The Great Tun, world's biggest wine barrel, completed in 1760. Made from 90 oak trees, holds 58,000 gallons,
 One of the many bakeries.

 Walked past this shop and the hanging egg cartons caught my eye, hand painted.
 Pulled up alongside this ship, a Swiss ship named Jane Austin, would love to know the reasoning of it's name?
Heidelberg is a large university based town. Hence the many pubs and inns.
University in Germany is free, only a payment of approx. 300 euros is paid to register each year.


  1. As always your photos and observations are fascinating!

  2. So unlike the Melbourne namesake. Love the colours of the stone at the palace.

  3. Beautiful! Jeanette made the comment I was going to make, so I'll have to just say those bakeries look very enticing!

  4. I agree with Vireya and Jeanette - beautiful.