Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cochem, Germany

 Docked this morning 7am at Cochem.
A pretty town. The local Church which has on it's spire, a rooster. This is to signify that it is Catholic.
The Reichsburg Imperial Castle high on the hill above the town.
Medieval castles were built high on hills for the purpose of defence.
The Guard of the entrance is the Lion, but wearing his hat, he gives the impression of a frog.
Children arrive to visit, thinking that Kermit is the owner of this magical castle.
In the Dining Hall the wallpaper gives an idea of a quilting pattern.
The original stone tiles on the floor of the Gothic Chamber.
Another idea for quilting.
 One of the beautiful tapestries.
 Room above the last gate.
The residence was for the royal Stauffen family, from 1152 - 1294. 
 Clam shell paving in the market square.
 Jeann, I found a manhole.
 At the moment, Oktoberfest is on, one of the many taverns lining the sides of the Moselle River.
 Interesting mosaic timeline of the history of the city.
Not sure of the significance of the witch weather vane.
 Our ship is docked on the opposite side of the river from Cochem, known as Cond.
 Each time we leave the ship we have to take our card, with room number on it, with us, hand it back in as we re-board. So far no-one has been late to the start of excursions or returning to the ship.
Or got lost.
Emma, meet Sofie from the Netherlands.


  1. Lots of beautiful patterns everywhere!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love the tapestry...and mosaic!