Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 We docked in a very pretty village on the Moselle River, Germany.
We have been so blessed with the weather, each morning we wake to thick pea soup fog which has cleared by mid morning.
The tower of St Michaels Parish church, built of black slate, built as a defense tower.
Fountain of St Michael (1606)
"Spitzhausen" (Pointed Little House)
 The market square is considered to be a perfect example of medieval German domestic architecture.

Landshut Castle built by Bishop Heinrich von Finstigin (1277)
It has remained a ruin since 1692 after it was burnt down, a café was installed for those who climb the steep incline to view it.
 Hospital of St Nicholas was founded by Cardinal Nicholas Cusanus as a residence for 33 "needy" old men (ie one for each year of the life of Christ).
It was then and now financed by the donated income of local vineyards.
One side of the river is Bernkastel and the other is Kues.


  1. Loved the cat sculpture clinging to the windowsill.

  2. What a gorgeous Little Pointed House.