Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Silly Seoul

 Frog fan at the market
 Fish cone icecreams
 Minion socks, wish I had bought a pair just for the sake of it!!! Not far from the stationery section of the market.
 Luke from Emma's work saw online a thing about fish cones. The challenge was put to her to find one. She found him in the market and thinks it was the guy on YouTube.
 Outside the Art Museum
 Another whale outside a high rise tower.

 One of many decorative manholes
 Door handle of the chicken soup restaurant we found on the first night.
 2nd night walked into a little café, can't read Korean, but was given a picture to point to. Best meal out and cost Wan16,000 for 3 people = approx. $16 AUD.
Last night walked into a little Korean BBQ café, sat and waited for John and Emma to put their bags in the room, was given the look of horror as I sat. Giggles all round. When they joined me, a gentleman, who spoke English told us the meat they used were intestines, quick departure for the beef BBQ next door. Gave the men a laugh as we departed for the door.
 Snow White adorning the garden f a French Café!!!
 Self explanatory, don't litter the stream
 Saw a Mercedes car with a beaded steering wheel and seat covers - tacky!!!
Saw these 2 butterfly bugs grinning at us as we walked by the metro station air ducts.


  1. Loved the floral installation, the door handle and the air ducts. I am really enjoying your trip!