Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Seoul Tower and Namsan Park

 Seoul Tower, 236.7m
 Locks of Love, they are made of plastic so don't weigh as much as the ones in Paris and Melbourne.

 Beacon Tower, the torch and smoke were created in the beacon for emergency communication needs. There were 5 key towers nationwide, all delivered messages to the tower in Namsan as the final destination.
 View from the Ladies. 25 million people live in Seoul.
 I do not like lifts, as you get in, you are asked to look at the ceiling, a show is displayed of you launching into space, passing the planets and before you realise what is happening you have made it to the top.
 We caught the cable car up to the tower and Emma made the decision to walk down. Several thousand steps. Was amazed at the elderly who walked up, perhaps they do it each day!!!
Advantage of Seoul hot weather, 4pm comes and the temp drops 10-15 degrees. The sun goes behind all the tall buildings.
 Beautiful fountain but no English sign.
 Before we headed up the tower we walked the Namsan Market. Divided into several sections.
 Food and Fish sections

 Stationary section, wish I had bought some of this beautiful Asian tissue paper. Will go back as it is close by. They had rows and rows of paper of all kinds.
 Later in the afternoon we walked the Cheonggyecheon (stream).
This 10.48 km long stream flowing from Gwanghwamun Gate to Dongdaemun. In 2005 it was transformed into an ecological stream after a 3year restoration You can stroll along the walking path, under 22 bridges.

Technology is never very far away!!!
 After walking 22,789 steps today, I felt like this beached whale.

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  1. Loved this last photo but you don't look like a beached whale just a very weary Jenni!