Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Morning Stroll & Bosingak Belfry

 Seoul Railway Station.
The metro system is extremely easy to use, 30 seconds before the train arrives at the platform, there is a trumpet fanfare to announce it's arrival. One platform this morning had a selections of Mozart.
 Along the platform there are these storage containers of gas masks....just in case....
 Found this stall at the market selling a variety of calligraphy and paint brushes.

 These spirals come out of a machine and are filled with icecream
 The stationary section of the market, I could have gone mad with all the different types of paper, bought a few sheets.
 During the Joseon Period, Bosingak was rung to announce time.
The practice is re-enacted daily at 12 noon,

 The Guards
 The Bell Ringer

 We arrived at the Belfry at the right time, we were asked to take a turn at ringing the bell.


  1. Thanks for the great photos and interesting comment

  2. I'm a sucker for stationary too. Shame the art of letter writing is dying.