Sunday, June 21, 2015

Metal Rajah Quilt

 Cascades Female Factory.
From 1825 -1856, the factory operated as an institution intended to reform female convicts, some as young as 11. More than 5,000 female convicts are known to have spent time there.
They were incarcerated there as punishment, to be reformed or while waiting to be assigned. 

 It is made to weather the storms, to parallel the lives of the convict women, Patchwork pieces from unrelated, abandoned and discarded objects of metal are cobbled together with spaces representing the void through which the women traveled.

 Migrating birds of passage and bluebirds of happiness, hold aloft the inscribed plate in honour of the woman and children of the Rajah.
 Discarded washing in the laundry area.
The Matron's Quarter's
A lot of stories could be told of passing through the Matron's door..

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