Friday, June 12, 2015

Korean War Memorial and Museum

 We each found this emotional.
John read of an Australian soldier killed and buried somewhere in South Korea.
His wife passed away in 1980 and her remains were bought over to be laid with her husband.
After reading it, the Last Post was played.
17,000+ Australian soldiers fought and 2,500+ were killed.
 "Statue of Brothers"
 Looking at the War Museum.
We did not expect this to be that big, we thought it would be a memorial with a statue.
A full day could be spent here.

 This memorial of The Drop was extremely emotional.
The laser show, a tear drop fell and names of soldiers lost came on the pool. Followed by the Poppies.

 The Korean Peace Bell

Symbol of the War Memorial
 Troop Banners of Past Dynasties.

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