Monday, June 8, 2015

Chandeokgung and The Secret Garden

 The Palace was constructed in 1405 as a secondary palace of the Joseon Dynasty.
 The Rear Garden was later named The Secret Garden, as this is my favourite childhood book, I had to do the tour. The garden is screened off from the public and only the Royal Family are allowed to wander and use it's grounds.
 Thousands of Japanese Maples are planted.
Garden areas were planted in each valley and a series of lotus ponds were built. Small pavilions were also built along the stream that flows through the rear garden.
The Secret Garden was intended as a place for kings and royalty members to relax but it also was used as a venue for early kings to join in military exercises and archery contests.
 AeRyeonJi Pond and Uiduhap
The Lotus Pond
 When you walk through this gate you are granted Longevity
 Throughout the garden there are many pavilions for the family to sit in and enjoy

 It is quite hot and we welcomed this bit of shade in the garden. It is very hilly terrain, you walk up and down many hills, steps and inclines.
My fitbit total for the day was 24,790 steps.
 Next to the Palace area is the Bukchon Hanok Village, Korea's traditional wooden houses - hanok. They are rare nowadays but the narrow and hilly lanes still remain.

 Emma found on the map several workshops in the Hanok village.
This was the Embroidery gallery and workshop. While she and John went to the Kite workshop (which was closed) I wandered through this.
 Next door was the Knot workshop and gallery.
 Beautiful embroideries, silk is used as the thread.

 The woman sit on the floor and this frame is used for embroidering.
I loved this embroidery box.
Traditional dress of the Korean Women.


  1. That's a lot of steps on a hot day!

    Lovely garden, beautiful embroidery.

  2. After all the walking you will do on this trip you won't have to walk at home for 6 months!

  3. Those Japanese maple leaves resemble some other plant when they are not red. :) Lovely embroideries.