Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fibre Arts 10 x 10

We are also asked to bring along a piece of work 10 x 10 x 10 (4 inches sq) for the "Intimate Exhibition".
The proceeds ($10 per piece) will go to Mind Australia, a charity, who supports clients with mental disabilities to live independent, productive and satisfying lives through a comprehensive range of services.
 I have been drying Japanese Maple leaves for my class.
 I bought an old tissue book from the Antique Market,
 set up in the next hall to the Yokohama Quilt Show.
 Some yarn found in the drawer of my textile bits and pieces.
 Dyed and Batik pieces of fabric.
John was given a beautifully wrapped box of biscuits by a Japanese gentleman who he has been meeting with for work.
"Japanese Maple".
I learnt in Japan that less is more and simple straight lines are used.

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  1. Another fabulous piece of work, Jenni. I am going to have trouble choosing my purchases at Fibre Art