Sunday, March 22, 2015

Day 2 with Lisa Walton

Another beautiful sunny day at Mount Street Community Centre, Glen Waverley, 
with the patchwork group. A weekend of getting our hands dirty and great company.
While the others were having a beading lesson, Jeanette and I took the opportunity to print off more fabric using the scrunch and sun dye methods.
 Added gold ginkgo leaves by rubbing with a shiva stix over my handmade stamp.
 Bubble wrap overlay and used electronic label strips that we had in the garage.
 Thinking...thinking...where do I start?
Very intimidating.
 Lisa started me off with random cut strips and roughly placed "without thinking". 
The only commercial fabric is the orange/lemon swirls.
I made the rest.
My finished piece.
Some of the fabric is used reversed side and I had a packet of silk scraps.
Thank you Waverley, Lisa and especially Jeanette for thinking to ask me.


  1. Fantastic! All the fabrics you created look so beautiful together. What a wonderful workshop weekend!