Sunday, February 1, 2015

Covered Travel Journals

 I have filled my covered journal and have started a new one for 2016.
Began 2011 with a trip to Europe and finishing with a holiday soon in Korea/Hong Kong and a Moselle River cruise later this year.
It's great to look back on the pages which are filled with information on accommodation, tours, general info, airline/train timetables info etc.
My green one is rather battered as it has accompanied us on all our trips since 2011 and can tell a few stories on our adventures. 
I write everything travel in them and would be lost if I didn't take it with me.

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  1. Great looking journals Jenni. I have kept all my 'bits & pieces' from my trips - ie tickets - plane, entry to shows, public transport etc; plus things like business cards from any shops; the odd menu or two, etc etc. They are all in sleeves of a folder but I have yet to sort them into a journal. One day....