Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kyoto To Kobe

 View of Kyoto from my hotel window. 34th floor.
 Looking towards the man made airport which just happens to be SINKING.

 Kyoto is an industrial sea port.
 Baseball is a huge sport in Japan, Sunday morning game.

 There isn't the land room to build golf courses, extremely expensive,
so everywhere you see these driving ranges.
 On the way to Kobe, we called in for a tipple of Sake. Barrels of rice.
Not my ideal beverage at 11am in the morning.
A few samples and I was "off with the pixies" as were a few of the others!!!

 The Sake museum.

At the beginning of the making process, this ball of pine needles is placed
at the front to show that it is a "bottle shop".
When the pine needles turn brown, it is a sign that the Sake is ready to be bottled.

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