Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kanazawa and Paper Making

 This morning we woke to snow falling.
It was magic and an unexpected surprise to our tour.
In winter, the pond of carp are filled with hot water from the springs to stop the water freezing over.

The ski fields are getting ready for the influx of tourists.
 Etchu Gokayama Washi paper making workshop

 We made 3 postcard size pieces.
 We chose dried leaves and these were placed on the pulp.

 Lisa Walton our tour leader.
 Our paper was dried on a machine to get the moisture out.


  1. Love these hands-on activities! The paper is gorgeous.

  2. What a magical tour. Each day sounds better than the last. The hands on would be great.

  3. Something I've always wanted to do - make paper. Love your activities etc.