Monday, April 21, 2014

1" Diamonds and Medallion Basting

 Next project - 1 inch diamonds to use up all my Civil War and Reproduction fabric.
Have started with the browns.
Have seen 2 ways of piecing the diamonds (thanks Joy).
While watching The Sound of Music last night, covered 50+.
 Pieced the backing of my Medallion fabric.
Pleased, or rather it was a fluke, that the joining matched the pattern!!!

 Have kept the wardrobe doors, but unfortunately our neighbour has borrowed the step ladders for painting over Easter. Can only use one door and one set of ladders.
I have to find the clamps for the side, had a clean up of the garage and they are hiding somewhere.
Coffee at Poyntons Nursery with my brother and SIL on Friday.
Noticed this long line of birds across the river, they were eyeing something in the water, ready to swoop.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what your new project is. Well done on the invisible join in your backing!