Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wyndham Quilt In

Yesterday I attended the Wyndham Quilt In at Werribee, where I live. It was a great day spent in the company of friends, fellow quilters and those I have seen around my shopping centre not realising they were quilters. It's strange how you recognise people when shopping. Werribee is still that kind of country town even though it has become suburbia.
The guest speaker was Esther Aliu. Esther showed us her many beautiful quilts. I feel that her talk was the best I had heard. She was inspirational, humble, made us laugh, smile and we came away from the day with encouragement in our quilting.

It was lovely to catch up with Esther and we sat and chatted for quite a while. She has been unwell with the flu. Look after yourself and take care. Thank you for a lovely day Esther.


  1. Sorry I could not make Wyndham yesterday. I agree Esther is very good value and her quilts are terrific. The quilting she does on a domestic machine is amazing.

  2. I had a wonderful time on saturday meeting all you lovely quilters. I felt so welcome and really enjoyed myself. Sharing our quilting stories is the best thing. Thank you for being there.