Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hearts for Christchurch

A member of one of my Internet groups has started an appeal for "Hearts for Christchuch".
I am gathering hearts for Christchurch.
Not heart blocks in the quilting sense but `hanging' hearts.
Two heart shapes sewn together, stuffed or not, embellished, embroidered, CQ'd, quilted, plain or fancy, felt or fabric or anything goes. Add a loop at the top. However many inches high that you care to make. For ease of postage, envelope size is a good measurement.
Also for ease of postage you can send them flat, leave an opening and add a note "Please stuff me" I have a couple of non sewers on stuffing. You can choose to sign them on the back and add a message. It would be nice to have at least the area they come from.
This is just a small measure of something nice to give in this terrible time. A heart is a symbol of caring and I know we all feel an overpowering desire to do something. If you aren't in a position to donate a heart or two send a little bit of fabric. I have heart makers at the ready. Or simply pass this on message with my address
Thank you.
Hearts for Christchurch
523 Main North Road
Bay View, Napier 4104
New Zealand

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