Saturday, March 5, 2011

Abbotsford Convert

This morning we drove to Abbotsford Convent for a stroll through the gardens and a visit to their wonderful bakery.
The gardens are beautiful, the plants were covered in butterflies, the herbs were in abundance and the sun was shining.
It was lovely to see little children running around and playing in amongst the garden.
It is free entry, $4 for car parking and well worth a visit.
Art Craft and Textile classes are held also.
There are regular night/day Art Craft/Farmers markets and Art Exhibitions on at the Convent.
One of the exhibitions showing at the moment are vessels made of dried reeds/kelp and plastic used for fishing nets.
Another Art Gallery beneath the Convent showed ultra modern paintings.
John's comment was " this gallery would make a great wine cellar".
Within walking distance of the Convent is the Collingwood Children's Animal Farm.
Next door was the Community Vegetable Garden Plots. The area is the size of a couple of large house blocks and each plot would be 15m square.
We stopped and chatted to an Italian lady who was tending her vegetables.
They have a seedling swap monthly.
We walked around the various plots taking in all the different vegetables/fruit being grown and the different ways each farmer had grown and laid out their personal plot.


  1. I love the Convent - have been to lots of Stephanie Alexander training sessions there - I agree, the bakery is fab (and so is Vege out). It is really easy to imagine the nuns there, roaming the corridors looking pious.

  2. I have been to some writer's festivals there and agree it is a great place.