Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tidy Up

Is there such a thing as an "Autumn Clean" as well as a Spring Clean.
My good friend Sue has been having a cull of her sewing things, finding all sorts of bits and pieces that she had forgotten about.
This has prompted me to do the same.
I love boxes, tins and storage containers.
Problem is, I forget what I put in them, so labelling will be the next step.
I wonder what happened to those old Dynamo labelling machines. Haven't seen one in years.
I should have kept those 30 clear plastic shoe storage boxes I gave our daughter for Christmas.
And yes, she did use them all and needs more!!!!!
So...guess what I will be doing on Saturday.
Might even go to the Salvos shop to see if there are any old cupboards or storage pieces that can be used.
I remember my maternal Grandfather, who was a dentist, went to an old antique shop to buy a table for his surgery and came home with a cuckoo clock instead.
The clock is now in my brother's home. I would rather have had the table, might have made a great sewing/cutting table!!!!


  1. All looks so ordered and tidy. You did that so well you should turn professional! I might be your first client if you do.

  2. Carol, I haven't even started to tidy up yet.