Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Garden

Waiting for my yellow and mauve iris' to bud and flower. The freesias have gone beserk.
I am amazed at the new re-growth of the plants in my front garden.
I have new dark green/burgundy foliage on my roses and this time last year there wasn't much to talk of with the ground covers.
Thanks to all the rain we have had, the plants are thriving. Just hope we don't get another hot summer like last year.
I would love to plant a magnolia in the front lawn, not sure how it would look with the olive tree already there.


  1. Isn't the rain such a blessing. I am like you, having such joy in my garden this year. Being able to prune back and to see the regrowth, to see the masses of just glorious.
    I adore those massed cream freesias..I have a heap of yellow at one end of a front bed....I must remember to try and put some more in that bed. I tend to mix colors and then love solid blocks in other people's gardens.