Saturday, July 17, 2010

Classes Picked

"Yes Mum, I have to be even more patient now,
will find out in a month or so if I am lucky to get into the classes I have chosen."
The class catalogue for Houston came on line at 3pm our time (midnight Houston time).
I haven't chosen too much as I would like to have time do some more exploring of the city.
Last time I visited the Aquarium, Museum of Natural History, walked some of the underground tunnels linking the city buildings. Shopped at the massive Galleria Plaza.
NASA is on the to do list, DH needs a need mug, the last one I bought him 4 years ago is about to give way in the handle.
I have chosen 2 all day classes, "Fabric & Stitch Collage" and "The Patchwork Quilt Sketchbook".
Picked a day tour Shop Hop, a luncheon/lecture of Lesley Riley, Mixed Media Textile Sampler session and a few other lectures and bits and pieces.


  1. Sounds fantastic! Hope you get your chosen classes, too. Your Mum must've known my Gran who was for ever saying either "All good things come to those who wait!" or "All things are temporary!" depending on the occasion. But sometimes one's scared to patiently wait because experience tells you, if you're too polite you can be known to miss that temporary boat entirely.

  2. Good luck with your choices. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time no matter what happens.