Friday, July 30, 2010

The Artist's Notebook Project

Carol put me onto this project and I am looking forward to working on it.
The concept is designed by FIRBRE ARTS AUSTRALIA
"A notebook is a place to put your heart and soul".
We are sent a blank A5 spiral bound, 120 page, acid free notebook.
"What do I do after I get my notebook"
"Have fun! The project is meant to act as an inspiration for you, not stress. Create something wonderful, try out some new techniques, or just make a mark! You have until March 2011 to do what you want to do in your book. When you are done, mail it back."
In 2011 there will be 3 Fibre Arts Exhibitions and the notebooks will be displayed.
One of the classes I have enrolled in at Houston, is creating a covered sketchbook, this will come in handy for this project. So hopefully I will learn something.
Thanks Carol.

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  1. You're welcome! It's going to be good fun.